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Stutterheim High School

1 Mountainview Drive
Eastern Cape
South Africa
Telephone: 043 683 1144
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Rugby World Cup visits Stutt High

The rugby world cup was touring through the Eastern Cape last month and was on it's way from East London to Queenstown when it made an unscheduled stop at the school. The president of the Border Rugby Union grew up in Stutterheim and decided to give his hometown a chance to see this incredible trophy.



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The Stutterheim High School – Rance Timber Mountain Cycle Enduro Race

The Cycle race is our main fundraising event replacing bazaars, raffles and other competitions and is run by the PTA. We cater for the family and riders by hosting a 5km walk, 10km ride and for the more ambitious we have 30km, 42km and lastly a challenging 65km ride. All the races start and end at the school. The routes take the riders through the forest, past a waterfall and magnificent scenery.


This race originated in 2009. Rance Timber came on board as our main sponsor, hence the name of the race. The opportunity was created to explore Stutterheim and the environment.


Thanks to the many sponsors and support that we receive from Stutterheim and the community we can always ensure a successful event. 


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first_patientThe First Patient

‘The First Patient’ was a delightful show and the humour, singing and dancing in the play were thoroughly enjoyed by all. I am sure that our play put many people off going to the dentist for quite a while, as it did to our 40 cast members! Awongiwe Nkata, however, proved to all of us, that being calm and looking at old family photographs, is the best way to handle the stress of visiting Dr Damon Becker’s surgery!

To produce any play takes a lot of time, commitment and hard work and I would like to congratulate and thank each member of the cast for exactly that. Above all, though, we all had a lot of fun! 

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Matric Farewell 2010

The matric farewell took place on the 23rd of April. The theme for the evening was "Out of Africa". Once they entered the hall, the matrics were transported to the glorious African highlands with the beauty of the sunset being reflected by the incredible dresses that decorated the hall.

It was a wonderful evening and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 





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